Alpha Instruction Manual


We’re still in the process of fleshing out some kind of onboarding. Until then, this’ll serve as a reference for how to use membrane.

All screenshots taken are of a fresh, empty membrane.

The Statusline

The topmost bar displays information about where you are on membrane, and at what zoom level. You can access zoom level controls by clicking on the zoom level. Three zoom levels are available to you, 1/4x, 1x, and 2x.


Scrolling is the suggested method of panning around your membrane. Hold shift to inverse the axis of movement. WASD and arrow keys also work as a movement mechanism.

The Creator

Right click anywhere on your membrane to bring up controls for creating text, adding files, unfurling links, and pasting from the clipboard.

The Minimap

In the top-left corner you’ll find the minimap. This displays the content on your membrane on a top-level view, which is helpful for navigation. Click anywhere on the minimap to jump to that location.

The Powerline

The bottom bar displays the current mode and actions available to you in that mode.

Normal mode

Normal mode is the default. From here you can switch to brush and search.

Brush mode

Width and color controls are available to you in brush mode. For any mode other than normal, use the rightmost button to switch back to normal.

Search mode

Type any full-word search term in the text input and hit enter to search.

Object selected mode

After selecting an object, you can copy to clipboard, add a jump link and/or hyperlink.


Pasting most content (text, links, image) into membrane will work as expected.
Dragging and dropping images is also available to you.